1. Small footprint
As the name implies, a folding table is a table that can be folded. This is the most basic creative feature of a folding table. If the space in your home is limited, right?Folding tables are very useful for you, open them when you need them, fold them when you don’t need them, and set them aside, saving a lot of space.

2.  economical
In fact, the price of folding table is generally not very expensive, so it is a very economical folding furniture, bring convenience to our life to bring fast at the same time, but also save our expenses.You can adjust the Angle freely

3.You can adjust the Angle freely
One, blow molding machinery cost is low, especially blow molding mold
When forming similar products, the cost of blow molding machinery is about 1/3~1/2 of the injection machinery, the production cost of products is also lower.
Second, it has good performance
In blow molding, the billet is formed by the machine head under low pressure and at low pressure, most of which are 0.2-1.0Mn.Downblown, so that the product’s residual stress is small, tensile, impact, bending and environmental strain performance is higher, therefore, has a better performance.In injection molding, the melt passes through mold runner and gate at high pressure (15-140yPA), which leads to uneven distribution of stress.
For example, blowout seats, hollow blowout seats compare with FRP seats and other hard plastic injection seats.Hollow blow molding seat has distinct advantages. 1. Comfortable, double hollow structure, full of elasticity, comfortable seat; 2.2, impact resistance, heat resistance, good water resistance, not due to the sun, rain, frost impact caused by cracking and damage.3, resistance to general chemicals, good oil resistance, when there are oil stains, stains, easy to rinse.
It has high impact toughness and anti-cracking property
The high density vinyl (PE) material has a much higher relative molecular weight than injection-grade plastics.Therefore, blow molding products have high impact toughness and high resistance to environmental stress cracking performance, suitable for the production of packaging or transport detergent and chemical reagent containers or barrels.
Four, easy to produce different wall thickness of the same blow molding products
Since the blow mould is only made up of negative mould, the wall thickness of the product can be changed by simply adjusting the die gap or extrusion conditions of the machine head, which is very beneficial to the product which cannot accurately calculate the required wall thickness in advance.The cost of changing the wall thickness of the product is much higher for injection molding.Blow molding can also produce products with very small wall thickness, which cannot be produced by injection molding.
Blow molding can produce irregular and integral products with complex shapes
In contrast to the injection molding, to produce two or more pieces of products, through the buckle fit, solvent junction or ultrasonic welding together.For example, our plastic folding table with complex shapes are produced by blow molding technology.

Post time: Nov-16-2020