Believe a sustained rise in the sea freight of this time to let the many related industries, not only prices, and a tank is hard to find, even mention empty became more difficult, because before the capacity adjustment, resulting in a large number of circular capacity is insufficient, in the present tense situation of shipping, empty became a scarce resource, the current market situation is not much comment here, lest cause the import and export customers greater psychological burden.

Then, why the sino-us sea freight why continue to rise?Summarize the following three points, you can refer to.First, shipping companies continue to control capacity, the reason is want to in the first half to earn back the losses of, we don’t know, but certainly all the routes of the shipping company on the same page, each ship company is in the constantly expanding capacity, also hope to balance out the shipping, to avoid systemic risk, since the end of last month and the beginning of this month we get are the ship companies are ship to join, but still did not see the ocean freight with the balance of the market, then also look at the adjustment of the shipping company on the capacity.

Second, the volume of cargo between China and the United States has exploded.Considering that the current freight rate between China and the United States has more than doubled compared with the beginning of the year, all goods exported to the United States have not given up orders because of the increase in freight cost, which indicates that the gross profit rate of goods is sufficient to bear the increase in the freight rate. However, the market still needs to test how the increase will affect the exporters.Shipping rates will continue to be affected in the fall and coming Christmas by whether American businesses will want to fill their warehouses to cope with market uncertainty and risk.

Finally, the chartering market has rebounded.Unexpected is, the price of chartering market has been fully restored to the level, before the outbreak of 8000 teu container ship come to the point where a ship is hard to find, that the ship companies in capacity to recover faster, between each other are competing for Marine resources, from the capacity of large ships had to 7000 teu ship under development, it seems that the shipping market will continue to look for the market equilibrium, and charter costs will push against sea freight happened resistance drop, slow down the ocean freight will be reduced.

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Post time: Nov-16-2020